What do you do when somebody is looking to undermine your work and transform truth into falsehoods, and in the meantime undermine your believably, and all the more vitally the integrity of the Word of God?

Paul the Apostle is keeping in touch with the Christian Church in Galatia and these pupils of Jesus, whom he knew well, had been forced to bear false instructors.

The pundits or compromises or legalists were likewise having a go at the trustworthiness of Paul. Here he is in this letter of six Chapters as we have it in the New Testament, shielding what so should have been protected.

There are times when that needs to happen today, and today it is distressfully required in many zones of confidence.

Paul had been a frightful man. He had endeavored to clear out the Church of Jesus Christ. However, Jesus Christ had changed all that following that showdown directly outside the city of Damascus, and we have the thrilling subtleties three times in the book of Acts.

From that point on Paul drove a most satisfied life serving Almighty God, everywhere throughout the Middle East, and in spite of the fact that it was thrilling and energizing, and exceedingly exorbitant at times, he stayed dependable to the call of God upon his life similarly the same number of had done already and a man do in these present times – once more, they pay a high cost, in different spots, around our ‘abusing world’.

It is similar to exciting and energizing today to meet the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ and what an undertaking life is a point at which one tries to tail Him wherever He leads and aides.

If you need energy and experience and mistreatment, at that point turn into a supporter of Jesus Christ, absolutely and completely. It tends to be very expensive also relying on where you live and serve.

Paul used to think about what men thought of him, however never again. He used to be worried about his notoriety. However, at this point, his point is to serve Jesus Christ.

Paul met a Man he thought was dead! What’s more, he was brought into the Kingdom of light and started immediately to lecture the individuals who were in the kingdom of dimness.

One thing that is so reassuring here is – that it doesn’t make a difference what you were – it is the thing that you are that is crucial, and what you can progress toward becoming in Christ.

In Chapter 1 of the letter to the Galatians in verses 13 and 14, Paul discloses to us what used to propel him, until he met Jesus.

Would it be that spurs and rouses you?

Is there a single word which outlines all that? PRIDE!

The false gospel enables you to keep your pride – what you have done – what you think – what you have been – what you think of you as have accomplished.

We read in verse 15 – But God intervened, and set me apart, and called me by His Grace, and was satisfied to uncover Jesus to me, and for a reason – with the goal that I may lecture Him. That is ground-breaking composing.

In the first place, he didn’t counsel any man. He went off into Arabia, into the wild, reading his Old Testament in the light of his experience of Jesus Christ – confined in God’s Bible School.

This man used to chase Christians. He was brutal. Presently, he is discussing his wrongdoings – those transgressions which were excused. People would fear Paul. He places professors in jail.

Paul had no goal of turning into a Christian – a supporter of Jesus Christ – yet God intervened.

Jesus met him and defied him and changed him.

God had an arrangement for his life, similarly as God has a method for our lives.

Had God not profoundly changed this man, it is doubtful he could have been turned.

That is hugely the testimony of every one of us!

“Cherishing Father, as we read Your Word and implore, change and change us; reinforce us in these basic times, and increment our confidence in Jesus.” Amen.

What is your testimony? Offer it. Fill people in as to whether it is genuine; however, do it thoughtfully and gently and affectionately.

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