Motivational Quotes To Help You STAY Positive And Committed To Succeed

Have you ever become impressed – and so combined focus with action to provide a hanging final success? Yes? OK then; however did you become inspired? Did you browse something? See something? Hear concerning somebody or some thing? Or, did somebody extend you associate encouraging word or sentiment that lighted your passion?

Yeah – have confidence, what impressed you … and also the plan, suggestion or construct that was its rising catalyst.

Think about this currently. What actuated you, and kept motivating and driving you on? And, for you, what was the thought, suggestion, or idea that was its original activation and provision source?

It’s rising catalyst. Its activation and provision supply. Hmmm that will happen if you’ll unceasingly sustain motivation provision concepts, suggestions and concepts? affirmativethus you unbroken driving yourself more and more on toward your explicit exit?

The answer is – you’d persist, you’d continue … and ever, you’d return to utterly triumph! intrinsicallyi am going to currently provide you with fifteen motivation provision messages of life – “life bites” – you’ll be able to use to stay the inner “flames” of passion, drive, and determination burning – in an exceedingly emphatically progress compelling means.

Enjoy, and be sceptered by them – right through to your personal success!

[1] Developing Heart

“The lion sleeps well at night because he knows he’s king of the jungle …
His physical prowess and power is part of his force.
The heart to assert his power is the other part of the equation …
You develop heart by acting in support of what you believe, by upholding your personal life standards, and through embracing the idea that you’re more capable – indeed, a lot more capable –
than you usually give yourself credit for; indeed, you are!
Therefore, you can – and should – now do things which purposefully show initiative,
self-respect – and things which notably move you ahead …
Do not hold it ‘in’.
Do not hold it ‘back’.
Let it flow … and let you Go!
Then – through this heart – You will sleep well each night! “


[2] “When the ‘crunch time’ moment of truth is upon you,
and your body says ‘No’ – let your mind say a resounding Yes …
Then, reach within your soul, and pull up the last vestige of success force staying within you –
And then conclusively DO that which is before you –
in the definitive way which can only be labeled … your consummate Best!


[3] “Regarding acquiring or producing the thing you say you want to have:
Have first the courage of your conviction …
Stand up for what you believe is right and justified, the way you believe it …
Act, and continue to act firmly the way you believe is right and justified …
Compromise not your standards for any reason, for any person, at any time …
Stand up, and remain standing, my friend.
Remember: The courage of your conviction! “


[4] “The next time someone lets you ‘down’ – lift yourself back up …
Take the time and energy you’ve spent on berating,
chastising, and ‘hammering’ the one who let you ‘down’
and spend it instead on the uplift … of YOU.
Get it done, and get it done by your self –
For you are someone you can always depend on! “

[5] The Amazing Truth

“The most amazing truth is that – right now – you can decide to believe in yourself –
to decide that you can have what you want, that you’ve got what it takes, and that you deserve to experience true joy – the kind that companies taking initiative to move yourself ahead in
noteworthy accomplishment …
If you look deeply into your very soul now, you’d see that this amazing truth applies to you –
yes, YOU!
And, that there’s absolutely nothing to refute its liability – or appropriateness for you …
You can decide to accept and embrace this truth – now,
and, as such, no longer withhold your power from yourself, or the world …
For making this decision will unfold for you the Power
that will make your life really meaningful and meaningful.
Indeed, it is then you will truly start … Living! “


[6] “If one person believes in you,
your flow of mind can move you towards incredible achievement …
If that one person is you, you can evolve into realms
that others would ‘swear’ … were ‘impossible’! “

[7] The Struggle

“The struggle makes you strong;
Character becomes forged of steel,
sinews became tempered through the effort …
Go then with resolve – sustain your drive;
press on with a hunger only request can fulfill –
Let your will remain undaunted,
and let your faith now command forth your soul.
It can be done my friend – and it can be done … by You! “


[8] “Every mountain can be climbed –
you reaching its peak is squarely a matter of choice,
conviction, commitment, and will. “

[9] * The Living Dreamer

“‘How do things come to be things’ I asked?
With a warm smile, the wise man turned to me and said:
‘Some look over the waters, and, seeing with their eyes only,
do not see anything at all; the waters always stay the same for them …
‘Some look over the waters and see with their heart.
They see something that’s not there yet – but something
they really want to be there, and believe can be there …
‘And seeing this over and over again in their hearts makes them feel good,
and inspires them to act, and create … and then place their vision upon the waters’ …
‘Well, what do you call these people’ I asked?
‘Dreamers’, he said.
‘Dreamers’, I asked?
‘Yes … living dreamers – the kind who brings forth aspects of life others then richly live!’ “

[10] “Liken those completed to a bird building its nest:

The bird does not think ‘Will there be enough materials available for me to use?’
Or ‘Will I be able to build the’ right nest ‘and build it properly and efficiently –
a nest that will be sure to ‘hold up’? ‘
Or, ‘Will the’ right ‘place for me to build my nest be available?’
They just get to work, and stay at work – until the job is done! “


[11] “The Strong shall survive …
The Intelligent shall prosper …
The Faithful shall experience miracles …
The Determined, shall go on to conquer!


[12] “Something ‘stopping’ you really is not as much an issue as something starting you …
Nothing is really trying to ‘prevent’ you from doing anything …
But if nothing activates you, you will not – and can not –
move ahead in the direction of any goal or improvement …
Something ‘stopping’ you – that lies in the realm outside of you …
Something starting you – that lies strictly in the realm … within you! “


[13] “The size of the mountain you’re facing is not as important as
the size of your conviction to conquer it!
Yes – conviction determines ultimate contract! “


[14] “If you know you can back up your claims and assertions –
go ahead then and do not just ‘push’ the envelope …
Shove it as hard and persistently as you can – until it Breaks! “

[15] You Will Always Be Tested

“You will always be Tested – to see if you’re really ready for ultimate triumph –
To take the final step into the request of the goal, and fulfill your ultimate purpose –
To see if you really want it all the way indeed, to see if the way you have to be
to claim it, then hold it, has become wholly structured within you …

When things are seemingly going smoothly as you want them, and you sense you’re getting closer, ever closer … from ‘out of the blue’ a situation unfolds upon your pathway only purpose is that of seemingly withholding you, under you , compromising you, or causing you to either backslide, or break down …

It may seem like for some ‘strange’ Reason, the closer you get to your ultimate breakthrough,
the more meaningful and decent these type situations become …
‘Why me, why this; why now ‘you may cry out …’ ‘I’ve done absolutely nothing to have warranted or attracted something like this; why do I have to deal with something like this now .. Why ?! ‘
You are being Tested. To see if within, you are yet wholly of the nature, have wholly learned the lessons you must, and are truly ready to evolve into the ultimate realm –
the real where your hopes, dreams, desires and your prayers become blatant, and an outward truth.

And you have the choice to break free of the undercutting impact of what may ‘look’ like a negative,
through choosing the light of understanding and commitment which your realization of the Test will
provide –y es, the opportunity to wholly demonstrate a decision to be and do all of what you know
you must – in the specific way required – knowing that the test is so you build the absolute RIGHT levels
of faith, thought, and conviction-until they’ve become decent, indeed, invincibly rooted within you …

Which door will you pass through, my friend, when the Test seemingly challenges your will?
When it does, let the pure vision, and the way you know you must be achievable triumph
reign accurate within you – and choose wisely … Choose to PASS the Test when it’s ‘given’ – so you can then claim the ultimate victory which destiny has prepared … for you! ”

(Each Quote © Copyright 2008 Peter C. Siegel, RH)

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